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On Tour in July/August

On the road again, this time heading for the pacific northwest, and Portland’s great festival, Pickathon. We’ll be making stops on the way there and back, and we’re particularly looking forward to Denver where we participate in the Underground Music Showcase festival. Our play at the Hi Dive will be along side many of Denver’s most prominent country acts, and we just know this will be a blast. Still working on finding a home for the record, and we’re hopefull we’ll be able to reveal it to you all soon.

The Tender Things is a new chapter in my life.  Coming out of my years with Heartless Bastards I felt it was time to begin to create a document.  These songs are that document. They are postcards, sketches of times and places, of loves and lost friends, changing memories and recurring dreams.  Pushing myself into the habit of writing has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life, and it is my very first healthy habit. 


On the road



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