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On Tour in June

We’re hitting the road in early June to co headline a run of shows with our buddy Garrett T. Capps. Us Tender Things will back Garrett for a full set of his material, and also perform a set of our own. This is our first venture out of “the velvet rut” that is Austin’s vibrant music community… I am so excited to live and create here with all of the amazing talent that this city’s creative community has to offer, but man, it takes a ton of energy to blast off and break that event horizon to get the proverbial show on the road. It’s sink or swim, and I know how to swim, so here we go. We’re currently working on dates on the way out to the Pickathon festival in Portland in August. and are excited to be included in the lineup for Denver’s Underground Music Showcase. If you live in the north east, you can expect us to come calling sometime this autumn.

The Tender Things is a new chapter in my life.  Coming out of my years with Heartless Bastards I felt it was time to begin to create a document.  These songs are that document. They are postcards, sketches of times and places, of loves and lost friends, changing memories and recurring dreams.  Pushing myself into the habit of writing has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life, and it is my very first healthy habit. 


On the road



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